Unique Double Brick Mould Tray 100% Reclaimed - 3 Colours Available


This is a unique storage box that is made of 100% reclaimed wood
There are metal carrying handles at either end and this is a great rustic looking tray for keeping your home organized.

There are 3 colours available, all with the original marks and splits which add to the charm of the tray/box.
It is perfect for anyone who loves vintage or rustic decor, or anyone who is looking for a stylish way to store or display their items.

The dimensions of the tray are approximately:
30cm in length
26cm in width
8cm in height

Please note, that all the trays are unique and no two are alike.
This means that they may vary in shape, size, and type of wood.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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